Saturday, January 26, 2013

leslierahye's National Hobby Month Blog Hop

Firecracker 100--26 mile solo ride
Hi I am Will. I have several hobbies--a few of them are photography, riding my bike, drawing, running model trains, crafting, shooting sports and digging in the dirt.

The reason I like taking pictures is because it makes you look at things differently. My favorite type of pictures is animal photos and vehicle and equipment photos. The reason that they are my favorite is because they have different patterns and designs making them interesting to look at.

I also love shooting sports. My events are 3D archery, air rifle and .22s. These photos are from the Annual Extravaganza for Shooting Sports in Brownwood from last Spring. That was my first year to compete as an intermediate.

I like hunting as well.

My 1st Deer.

Here is a short video about my model trains.


Regena said...

great job. The pig pic is my fave.
I think we have the same camera too.

leslierahye strickland said...

I love your post BooBoo! Thank you so much for joining my National Hobby Month Blog Hop! You make me proud everyday! Love your talent and hobbies!


Barbara Rankin said...

Great post, Will. I love animals and I can see why you like pictures of vehicle equipment. Very steampunk. Thanks for sharing your hobbies with us.

Fabrizio Martellucci said...

Great pictures Will well done !

Morninglass said...

Thanks for sharing your hobbies with us Will. I particularly like your photos, you have a very good eye. Also I like that your hobbies are so diverse.