Wednesday, October 28, 2015

leslierahye's Very Spooky Steampunk Blog Hop 2015

Today I am participating in my mom's Halloween Steampunk Blog Hop! My love of steampunk really started with the accessories...the modified nerf guns and water pistols! I created an outfit to go with the accessories--this post is about the outfit. My project was heavily inspired by Pinterest. This year's theme for the Story Board design for Fashion Show was #4HStoryboardFashion--ideas inspired by social media. I designed a storyboard for the 4-H  County Fashion Show in the wearable category. I designed the outfit I made above.

This outfit is a refashion from items I bought at Good Will. I started with a leather coat, man's shirt and bluejeans. I also got my belts from Good Will and shoes were a hand me down from my friend Kolby. 
I deconstructed the leather coat by removing the sleeves and padding  and removing about 7 inches off the bottom. I hemmed the new arm holes and the bottom of the coat to complete the vest. 
Next I removed all of the buttons on the shirt and replaced them with metal buttons that I colored with metallic sharpies. I added gears on the area above and below the top button. These were gears from the auto store that I also colored with metallic sharpies. The same type of gears were added to the cuffs of the shirt. 
For the pants I cut patches out of old jeans from my house and the left over leather from the refashion of the coat. I stitched around them and then glued them to my pants with fabritac. I also cut out back pockets from old jeans and added them to the pants--one is big enough for my nerf gun that I'm refashioning! 
The belts were 3 belts connected together and wrapped around my torso and waist! I love my project!