Wednesday, October 28, 2015

leslierahye's Very Spooky Steampunk Blog Hop 2015

Today I am participating in my mom's Halloween Steampunk Blog Hop! My love of steampunk really started with the accessories...the modified nerf guns and water pistols! I created an outfit to go with the accessories--this post is about the outfit. My project was heavily inspired by Pinterest. This year's theme for the Story Board design for Fashion Show was #4HStoryboardFashion--ideas inspired by social media. I designed a storyboard for the 4-H  County Fashion Show in the wearable category. I designed the outfit I made above.

This outfit is a refashion from items I bought at Good Will. I started with a leather coat, man's shirt and bluejeans. I also got my belts from Good Will and shoes were a hand me down from my friend Kolby. 
I deconstructed the leather coat by removing the sleeves and padding  and removing about 7 inches off the bottom. I hemmed the new arm holes and the bottom of the coat to complete the vest. 
Next I removed all of the buttons on the shirt and replaced them with metal buttons that I colored with metallic sharpies. I added gears on the area above and below the top button. These were gears from the auto store that I also colored with metallic sharpies. The same type of gears were added to the cuffs of the shirt. 
For the pants I cut patches out of old jeans from my house and the left over leather from the refashion of the coat. I stitched around them and then glued them to my pants with fabritac. I also cut out back pockets from old jeans and added them to the pants--one is big enough for my nerf gun that I'm refashioning! 
The belts were 3 belts connected together and wrapped around my torso and waist! I love my project!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

leslierahye's 3rd Annual Earth Day Blog Hop

Happy Earth Day! I am participating once again in my Mom's Earth Day Blog Hop! Today both of my projects have to  do with my gardening. Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Hobby
Recently I have been getting into a new hobby RC (Remote Control) . There is so many things in the hobby that I who has been studying the topic for about three years now could not explain . But recently I turned 14 and the term " RC Addict " really showed we went to the nearest RC track to race our RC cars . Just last weekend I repianted the lexan body on my car  with some silver Duck Tape and blue,orange,yellow, and purple Bic Mark-its.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mommy's 2nd Annual Earth Day Blog Hop | V-Log

This is a tour of my "Will's I Want Book". I have been working on this while recovering from a concussion. I have had lots of technology-free time to work on my book and dream about what I can do in the future. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, January 28, 2013

In my head...

You know when you get that song in your head and it won't leave...this is what's in my head today
Gazlay, Gary - Fortis.mp3
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** our contest music for Spring! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

leslierahye's National Hobby Month Blog Hop

Firecracker 100--26 mile solo ride
Hi I am Will. I have several hobbies--a few of them are photography, riding my bike, drawing, running model trains, crafting, shooting sports and digging in the dirt.

The reason I like taking pictures is because it makes you look at things differently. My favorite type of pictures is animal photos and vehicle and equipment photos. The reason that they are my favorite is because they have different patterns and designs making them interesting to look at.

I also love shooting sports. My events are 3D archery, air rifle and .22s. These photos are from the Annual Extravaganza for Shooting Sports in Brownwood from last Spring. That was my first year to compete as an intermediate.

I like hunting as well.

My 1st Deer.

Here is a short video about my model trains.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's New With Me

I've been reading like crazy in 3rd grade. I made my AR goal this week easily. I am going to my AR party. I'm going to see Pocahontas II! I hope it will be as good as the 1st one.
I like 3rd grade because I get more time with our PE and Music teachers than last year. But most of all what i like about it is that my teacher's the best teacher. My favorite subject is science. In science Mark shook up the bag of baking powder and vinegar so much and it exploded in his hands and some of it got on his shirt and some of it got in his hair. It pretty much got all over him. And it got his glasses too.
I've made lots of new friends. One that I've known for a very very long time. I like playing with Mark because he's always fun and doing something that I enjoy. We're good friends. When I figured out that Tyvon lived close to me I gave him my old bike lock so that he could ride his bike to school with me. I told him the lock number and now he'll ride his bike to school with me.
When I ride my bike I like to look around. I always be safe when I ride alone and be sure my surroundings are safe and that sort of stuff. I cross the road ride a little bit and ride a little bit again and cross for Ms. Teresa. I talk to Elizabeth on the way to the bike rack. Mostly Daddy gets to ride with me. Today I had to ride by myself because Daddy had a meeting and Mommy has a broken ankel.
This weekend I'm camping out just me, Sam and my Dad and my Mom. Hopefully my Dad and I will get to go fishing and I will get to ride my scooter. I hope to have a pretty good time at Mineral Wells. I hope to spy Brook because she will be camping out there too!
My glasses are very very comfortable. Now I can see the board when people are writing on it because I used to couldn't but now I can.
On Halloween I got hot being under all of the stuff and all of my equipment and my sword. I got hot standing in the sun. I got used to it and we went to a couple of houses. I had a good time. I visited with Kay at the donkey farm. I made three new friends there.