Wednesday, July 9, 2008


they found the phoka it gave info on wha was in the next village

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


David played with my sister when she was chasing him. He would run and I would tell where she was and where she was coming when he was behind the chair or in front of it. I would just tell him. And I would tell Sam. Matt played outside with David and I. The first time they came over this year Sam pulled David down outside and inside because he had snacks. She'd go hide them. I'd go get David's snacks and give them back to him after I helped him up. And I'd tell Sam "no don't do that again." She does it 4 more times.
Everybody would have fun outside when we were playing and when we came in the playing would not stop. We would play with Pixtar's Cars, regular cars, trucks, trains and we'd watch the movie of Cars and we would play with Sissy's toys a bit. David liked the truck but he stood on it 3 or 4 times and Mommy made me put it up in my room where David couldn't get to it and it's still in there today.
I made pizza for my cousins. Matt made some of his family's pizzas but I made Chelly's pizza the second time.
I had a good time.


He was only 9 or 8 when he became came. Died at age of 19. He died because of a wreck on his bike. He hunted hippos and other predators of their land. At first the discoverers thought that he had been knocked on the back of his head with a hammer. But he really had the wreck on his bike...he had let go of the handle bars and damaged his head really bad. And when they got him to a hospital quick enough he was dead.
He was burried in the Valley of the Kings with 59 other kings. His museum and other things in his tomb are coming in Dallas in an exhibit of just him and all of his stuff. A fake person of what he looked like when he had his skin and was not a mummy will be on display in the exhibit also. His mask on his mummy cover--there will be an exact replica of it there. He was the last king of Egypt. I got all of this information from books in my research of Egypt and from watching a program of King Tutankhamun.


Sharks can sense a sound over 300 feet away from it. It eats hermit crabs, fish, seals, snf bleeding humans. There are at least 30-60 different types of sharks. I know that one shark is called the whale shark because it is as big as a whale.