Wednesday, July 2, 2008


He was only 9 or 8 when he became came. Died at age of 19. He died because of a wreck on his bike. He hunted hippos and other predators of their land. At first the discoverers thought that he had been knocked on the back of his head with a hammer. But he really had the wreck on his bike...he had let go of the handle bars and damaged his head really bad. And when they got him to a hospital quick enough he was dead.
He was burried in the Valley of the Kings with 59 other kings. His museum and other things in his tomb are coming in Dallas in an exhibit of just him and all of his stuff. A fake person of what he looked like when he had his skin and was not a mummy will be on display in the exhibit also. His mask on his mummy cover--there will be an exact replica of it there. He was the last king of Egypt. I got all of this information from books in my research of Egypt and from watching a program of King Tutankhamun.

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